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2015年 05月 09日 |
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Richard Armitage looks back on The Hobbit and forward to Hannibal

Are there any cut scenes that you're particularly keen for fans to see in the extended edition?
"Yeah, there's a big funeral scene which was cut from the final film, and I know they were quite upset that that had to be lost, so I'm looking forward to seeing that. There's also a fantastic chariot chase during the battle - they built this incredible chariot with a crossbow on the back, and I think we had Dwalin and Balin and a couple of the other dwarves on the chariot. I heard a sneaky rumour that they may do a limited cinema release just because some of the footage is so epic, and WETA Digital have been working like crazy to get it finished."


“I think we had Dwalin and Balin and a couple of the other dwarves on the chariot. ”甥っ子よりバーリンの話をしちゃう可愛さよ。

Richard Armitage Bids Farewell To The Hobbit

On a different note, Billy Connolly gets to ride a war pig in this movie. Jealous?
"(Laughs) Listen, Thorin gets on a goat, which was good enough for me. "

So on a Hobbit sportsday, who wins between Dain on his pig and Thorin on the goat?
"I think Thorin would definitely win on the goat. The pig is heavy and laboured, and the goat has a little bit of speed. As you will see in the extended edition, because there's a big chariot chase where they're pulled by goats. When we realised that sequence wasn't going to be in the movie, I know Graham McTavish was extremely disappointed, because it's such a great sequence. It's Ken Stott as Balin driving and Graham and Kili and Fili firing what's effectively a Gatling gun off the back. "

“I know Graham McTavish was extremely disappointed,”ってがっかりしてるグレアムさんが目にうかぶようなコメント。

Richard Armitage: Why The Hobbit Trilogy Should Have Been LONGER

"Armitage: We’re going to see a big funeral scene at the end with some pretty emotional speeches by Gandalf. That’s something I’m looking forward to. I know that when the decision was made to take that out of the final movie was made there was a little scene added where you see the dwarves on the waterfall and they kneel around the dead body. That was an addition because the funeral was cut. I imagine in the Extended Edition they’ll both be in.

There’s also a great chariot race that’s in the middle of ‘Five Armies’ which got cut. They spent a lot of time and money building a chariot and the computer graphics in that sequence are really special. I think Balin is driving the chariot and Dwalin is on the back firing off weapons, and Kili and Fili are hanging off the side of it. I think that whole sequence is a three and half-minute chase so there’s quite a lot of footage.

I was sad about the chariot and I know Graham McTavish [Dwalin] was very disappointed that it wasn’t in there. It’s so exciting and thrilling to watch but there just wasn’t time for it. "

このインタビューによると、劇場公開版の滝のところで死体を囲んでるドワーフたち(the dead bodyって他人事みたい(笑))の場面は葬儀のシーンがカットされたので追加で入ったのですね。